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The Rydal Academy

The Rydal Academy

Traveller support


The Darlington Traveller Education and Achievement Service (TEAS) aims to promote access, inclusion, achievement, attainment and opportunities for traveller families living in or visiting Darlington.

The Traveller Education and Achievement Service is an integral part of the services The Rydal Academy provides on behalf of the Local Authority for the benefit of all Darlington Schools.

Our key focus is to work strategically in partnership with schools and settings to raise awareness around the GRT community within Darlington and to directly impact on the achievement and attainment of GRT pupils at all stages of their education.

Our TEAS is well integrated into the network of TES’s across the country which supports effective tracking of mobile families and also helps to provide continuity of provision as the move from one LA to another. Membership of NATT and ACERT ensure up to date engagement with current trends and best practice in traveller Education.

The Traveller Education and Achievement Service

The Traveller and Achievement Service (TEAS) offers expertise, knowledge and support around work with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils.

The team is staffed by a specialist Teacher, HLTA and ESW who have a wide experience of working with GRT communities across Darlington.


Mrs Laura Dixon
(Mrs Selina Costello - Maternity Cover)

Higher Level
Teaching Assistant 

Miss Heather Metcalf

Support Worker

Mrs Janine Lowther

The team works in close partnership with schools and families to improve the outcomes of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils across the town; to help raise their attendance, attainment and aspirations.

Schools, families, pupils and other agencies can approach the TEAS directly to access these services;

  • Provide advice, information and bespoke intervention programmes in targeted schools to raise attendance and attainment;
  • Monitor access, attendance and achievement of GRT pupils;
  • Deliver GRT history and cultural training workshops for all schools;
  • Facilitate access and promote safeguarding for GRT pupils, especially the highly mobile, to educational settings quickly and efficiently; this includes; Early Years admission, induction and inclusion;  Mid-phase admission and continuity; Key Stage and Phase transfer support;
  • Support for families with pre-school age children to encourage early learning and uptake of nursery and school places;
  • Provide generic advice and support to all schools on educational and cultural issues relating to GRT communities;
  • Provide information on GRT via the TEAS library loaning service for books, DVDs, CDs, work packs and artefacts and also through our website
  • Access to extra curricular activities
  • Mentoring at Key Stage 3 and 4, and advice on options at key Stage 4

Commissioning TEAS support and Resources

email to commission school support or access resources.