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The Rydal Academy

The Rydal Academy

Staffing structure

Our school is committed to high standards and employs people who all work towards this goal.  All staff are police checked and fully trained.

School organisation

Shortly before the end of the summer term parents are involved in discussion and notified about class organisation for the following year. Staffing and school organisation as of September 2017 is as follows:

Senior Leadership Team

Member of staff


Mr John Armitage


Mrs Katie Turnbull

Deputy Headteacher (Responsible for Outcomes for Pupils)

Miss Lily Unsworth

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching, Learning and Assessment Lead Professional)

Mrs Angela Galey

Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Lead Professional)

Mrs Jo Thurland

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss Libby Truby

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO )


Teaching and Learning structure



PPA Cover

TA Support



Miss Melanie Chapman = M 7:00 – 1:30, Tu 7:00 – 4:30, Th/F 7:00 – 1:00


Mrs C Young W 11:30 – 6:30


Mrs Natalie Jeffries = M 12 - 6:30, Tu 12:30 – 6:30, W 7:00 – 4:30, Th/F 12 - 6:30


Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Monday 8:30 – 12:15





Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Monday 12:45 – 4:30

Mrs Susan Woodcock

Mrs Paula Hill – 0.5

Mrs Kristina Pybus

Mrs Sharon Swainston – 0.8







Mrs Tina Dodds (Speech, language & communication)



Mrs Sam Alexander (Personal development & well-being)


RJ (Room3)

Miss Ashley Jones

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Mrs Alison Naisbitt (ZB)

RS (Room1)

Miss Laura Staples-Clough

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

Mrs Claire Owen (TS)

RW (Room2)

Mrs Emma Wright

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

Mrs Julie Thornton (JB/DS)

                                                                                                    Year 1

(RW) 1E (Room3)

Miss Kathy Elvy

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Mrs Gillian Ward - 0.8  (LR/JG)

(RE) 1M (Room 2)

Mr Andrew Morris

Mr David Longstaff (0.2)

Mrs Nicola Johnson (SS/MD)

(RC) 1S (Room1)

Mrs Celia Senior

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

Mr Kevin Rissetto (SC)

                  Year 2

(1S) 2P (Room1)

Mr Adam Platten

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.2)

(2W) Mrs Dawn Cornish (JH)

2S - Miss Rachel Musgrave (SB/VM)

Mrs Maureen Spencer-Brown–0.5

(1J) 2S (Room2)

Mrs Charlotte Spiers

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

(1P) 2W (Room3)

Miss Amy Waller

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

                  Year 3

(2J) 3B (Room3)

Miss Abby Blackburn

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Mrs Andrea Bamber

3W - Mrs Helen Elsworth (NW/TBK/EL)

(2W) 3T (Room2)

Miss Anna Taylor

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

(2S) 3W (Room1)

Mrs Carolyn Whinfield

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

                                                                                                    Year 4

(3W) 4D (Room2)

Miss Victoria Denham

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

Mrs Kath French

4D - Mrs Ewa Kaszuba (MB/CMJ/AJW)

4S - Miss Nina Mallaburn (HB/TS/CJH/AK/JS)

(3A) 4M (Room1)

Mrs Karen Mellard

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

(3S) 4S (Room3)

Miss Sarah Sculthorpe

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

                Year 5

(4D) 5M (Room3)

Miss Mica Cockerill

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.2)

Mrs Rebecca Kelly

5M - Miss Adele French (CM)

5R - Miss Tracy McGuire (KP)

5R - Mr Stuart Shields  (DB/KP/CS/IS/HW)


(4M) 5P (Room1)

Mr James Park

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

(4B) 5R (Room2)

Mrs Rachel Campbell

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

                 Year 6

(5P) 6E (Room1)

Mr Sam Ellis

Mrs Rachael Trowles (0.1)

Mrs Mel Cartwright - 0.9 

6W - Mrs Fran Coad – 0.8 (KH)

(5M) 6M (Room3)

Miss Charlotte Mawson

Mrs Joanne Roberts (0.1)

(5C) 6W (Room2)

Mrs Emily Wells

Mr David Longstaff (0.1)

Phase Leader
*School dog 

       Traveller Education & Achievement Support Team

Member of staff


Mrs Laura Dixon

Lead Teacher

(Mrs Selina Costello)

Maternity cover teacher

Miss Heather Metcalf

Teaching Assistant


Administration Team

Member of staff


Mrs Mandy Denton

Administration Manager

Miss Janette Keogh

Administration Officer

Mrs Ruth McLaren

Morning Receptionist

Mrs Sarah Alton

Afternoon Receptionist

Mrs Dianne Carr

Administration Assistant

David Wilson

IT Technician


Premises Staff




Mr Chris King, Mrs Janet Miller

Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs Janet Miller


Mrs Sue Cresser, Mr Stephen King, Ms Claire Lynch, Mrs Pauline Chapman, TBC , TBC

Bus driver

Mr Steve Bell

Transport Assistant

Mrs Jacqueline Roscoe, Mrs Julie Hagger


Wrap-around Staff



Lunchtime Support Assistants

Mrs Dianne Carr, Mrs Margaret Currie, Mrs Helen Gavey, Mrs Amelie Kaddoura, Mrs Jeanette Leach, Miss Caroline Leak, Mrs Pam Leonard, Miss Sharon Meaney, Mrs June Pass

Out of Hours Assistants (Breakfast Club)

Mrs Dianne Carr, Mrs Helen Gavey, Mrs Jeanette Leach, Mrs Pam Leonard, Mrs June Pass

Out of Hours Assistants (After School Clubs)

Mrs June Pass, Mrs Dianne Carr

Out of Hours Assistants (Youth Club)

Mrs Pam Leonard, Miss Caroline Leak, Mrs Anne Hankin


Catering staff



Assistant Unit Manager

Ms Claire Lynch

Catering Assistant

Mrs Carole Hudson, Mrs Joanne Sievers, Mrs Ellen Cooke, Mrs Christine Farrell, TBC


Longfield Academy Trust Staff



Finance Director

Mr Andy Collishaw

HR Director

Mrs Katy Fairley

HR Support Officer

Mrs Dawn Wallace

HR & Finance Assistant

Miss Phillipa Donnison

Catering Director

Miss Julie Ridley

Health & Safety / Premises Manager

Mr Phil Radcliffe

Data Manager

Mr Louis Kneeshaw