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Flick - the school dog

Flick is a delightful black cocker spaniel who is 17 weeks old. Her Monday visits before the summer will allow her to be socialised in the school environment to get used to the noises and experiences so that, as she matures, she is comfortable in the school and the children are comfortable around her. The intention is that when Flick is a little older and has completed her Therapy Dog training she will become a member of staff at the school and will help the children with their reading and through therapeutic activities. Evidence suggests that dogs can help a child’s literacy, behaviour and self-esteem and teach respect and care for animals, for more information go to The school have completed a full risk assessment and Flick has had vet checks to ensure that she demonstrates an appropriate temperament.  Flick will be predominately based in Mr Park’s class but we are hoping that from September 2017 she will work throughout the school at various times of the day.