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We are the Rydal Travel Champions.

Ewin,  Jodie-Marie , Tia May, Robyn, Alfie, Archie  and Dorothya are our Travel Champions and this is what they do..
As a travel champion we put up road safety posters around the school. Check to make sure the seatbelt height charts are ok and replace them if they are torn.
We have a notice board in the KS1 playground and in reception where we put up lots of useful information about walking, cycling or scooting. As well as information about road safety for parents or careres.

We also monitor the street outside our school to check if cars are parking on the double yellow lines. Watching to see if children are crossing the road safely (we can give stickers to anyone being safe while crossing the road).
We work with the traffic wardens who look after the road outside school. Helping to make it safe for everyone pedestrians and cars.


Henry and Mollie are our JRSO's this means Junior Road Safety officer.
Our job is to work with the travel champions, the traffic wardens and the Towns Road safety officer.
We will be running competions throughout the year about road safety. We hope you will join in.

As from next monday the office will be selling lots of Hi-vis items, slap bands, zip pulls and other items. These thing will help to make it easier for cars andother road users to see us in the dark.
Here is a price list for the items the office will be selling;

Slap bands  £2.00
Zip Clips  £1.00
Reflector on a cord £2.00
Badges  £1.00